Power Animal | Do you know your power animal?
Power Animal | Lion

Workshop - find your power animal!

via a trance into the world of animals!

You can easily and simply find your power animal(s) through a short trance journey. It feels as if your body is at rest, but your senses are wide awake. With my help you will enter the world of animals. Your animal will show itself to accompany you, to strengthen you, to protect you.

If you wish, you can paint your power animal in my studio or at home with my support or transfer it from a photo using a transfer medium provided by me.

You decide the format and the colors. My black and white power animals only serve as an example!




Power Animal | Bull

Power animals as commissioned work

You know your power animal, or have found it in my workshop, but would like to have it painted by me?

With pleasure! I will paint YOUR power animal(s) according to your wishes and templates, with all the attributes that are important to you or that you perceived in the trance.

Format, colors and execution according to your wishes and specifications!

Power Animal | Panther
Power Animal | Lion
Power Animal | Bull
Power Animal | Eagle
Power Animals | Round
Power Animal | Snake
Power Animal | Falcon
Power Animal | Pegasus
Power Animal | Falcon
Power Animal | Kolibri
Power Animal | Kolibri

Here are some examples of how I can paint your power animals:

I paint on linen or canvas fabric in any size and format or also on small round wooden panels. (22/27/33/39 cm diameter)

On wooden plate, 22 cm diameter: 220 €

On wooden plate, 27 cm diameter: 270 € 

On wooden plate, 33 cm diameter: 330 €

On wooden plate, 39 cm diameter: 390 €

On Linen/Canvas, size 110 cm x 180 cm: 3.800 €

On Linen/Canvas, size 100 x 140 cm: 2.800 €

On Linen/Canvas, size 80 x 100 cm: 1.800 €


Andrea Silberhorn

I look forward to your call or email! 
We will be happy to discuss the details with you!


Andrea Silberhorn

Andrea Silberhorn-Piller
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82343 Pöcking

Fon: 08151 - 18 90 580

Your Power Animal, from 220 €